There’s Gold in Them Coupons

In the retail industry, competition is strong and companies are well aware of this. Customer loyalty is a big concern and goal for retailers and one strategy they use to keep customers coming back is through the use of coupons.

Grocery stores are probably the biggest and best known type of retail operation when it comes to offering coupons. Today, however, coupons go way beyond grocery stores and even go way beyond the face value on the coupon itself.

Some stores will offer double or even triple the face value on certain coupons just to get you to come to their store. As a rule you may not see this all the time, but many stores have particular days of the week or month where they double the savings!

If you’re diligent and organized with your coupon strategies, you can save huge money on your budget.

Be sure you stay mindful of the regular price of items and always be price shopping. Don’t just assume that just because an item comes with a coupon offer you are getting a great price… don’t become coupon blind. Also, don’t use coupons to buy a bunch of stuff that you’ll never or hardly use… no matter how great the coupon, spending any money isn’t saving money, so use the coupons for what you know you’ll use.

Coupons come in all forms and sizes, from newspapers to magazines and everything in between. Stay on the look out and stay organized. In fact, these days the internet can be a wealth for grabbing coupons and coupon codes. Many make it as simple as even printing your own coupon right from their website. Some websites will want you to opt in to their offer by requiring your email address. You may not want to use your primary email address for this, but it is a simple task to go sign up for a secondary email account where you don’t care if you start receiving a bunch of offer spam.

Some retail stores offer a coupon bin where you can leave coupons for items that you may not use but others might… and vise verse. This a good way to drop yours off and maybe find a coupon on something that you’ve been looking for.

Coupon filing and organization are the keys for speed and efficiency when it comes to keeping yourself on top of the potential savings that these gems offer. It’s best to file your coupons by category and keep within the categories file them by expiration date. This way you can easily and at a glance arm yourself with savings each time you’re about to head out for some needed shopping. After all, your time is worth something and you don’t want to feel like you’re losing with your time just to gain a little with the coupons.

Remember competition is keen amongst retailers and you can many times use a competitors coupon, just to get the same or even better price at a different retailer. Simply check with the clerk or the manager of the store and see if they are willing to match or beat a competitor’s coupon price if you’ll stay in their store to make the purchase.

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